Acrylic Mixed Media Painting about Time

It’s that Time Again

I have a weakness for clocks, calendars, and planners. No idea why, but tracking time has just always been something I’ve been compelled to do even though — or perhaps because of the fact — that I’m rubbish at it. So every year about this time I start looking at all the options for new calendars and planners.

No calendar or planner is perfect, and none of them have everything I imagine that I want.

But the kicker is that even if I break down and buy a planner, or design one myself, I won’t use it. Sometimes I will fastidiously fill it out for about 3 days then forget it exists.

Of course, at this point in my life, I don’t have very much I need to keep track of, and most of those things occur on a regular schedule. Days that I go to the pool. Family birthdays and anniversaries. The occasional doctor or haircut appointment. When the NFL playoffs start.

Having a Google Calendar that I share with my husband… that pretty much gives me all the planning ability I need.

So thinking of buying planners for the new year just makes me feel like I don’t have enough going on. I should belong to clubs, have more friends, make lunch dates. Stuff that ‘normal’ people do.

But I am completely content with my calm, boring, uneventful life. Right now, I don’t want the obligations. I have very few obligations and sometimes those are too many.

Still, at the beginning of every winter when all the online shops are filled with various planners, calendars, journals, and so forth, this strange sort of annual FOMO catches up to me. What do I think I’m missing out on? From what I understand, most people will full planners wish they didn’t need one. I don’t need one, and wouldn’t use it if I bought one. Yet I still have the niggling thought I should have one, because ‘society’ (and the companies that sell planners) thinks I should?

How crazy is that?

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