acrylic painting of a bull

Shooting the Bull

There’s an unbelievable amount of bullshit circulating in the world, especially in the United States. Often a person cannot see the bullshit in which she is buried because it’s always been there (like the proverbial goldfish in her bowl of water). And since the 1980s, the bullshit makers have been working overtime.

Nowadays there is so very much bullshit, it’s hard to find anything that isn’t… well… bullshit. Finding nuggets of truth amid all that excrement is more and more difficult.

Difficult, but not impossible.

First of all, take with a wagonload of salt anything you are told by anyone trying to sell you something. That alone eliminates a lot of the bullshit, right there.

Secondly, the more emotionally charged the presentation of the information, or the more emotionally riled-up you are after hearing it… those are red flags that the presenter is hoping for an emotional reaction rather than a rational one. Isolate the claims the presenter is making and check those out through other sources.

Thirdly, while experts (people who have spent their entire careers studying a certain topic) can make mistakes, they are more likely to be correct about something within their field of expertise than, say, some random blogger. Try to find trusted experts who are doing their best to explain the truth of a situation. (As opposed to self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who are either selling something or trying to rile you up for some reason.)

The only way to stop finding bullshit in your yard is to identify and get rid of the bulls.

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