BlogArt - Pick Something and Keep Moving

Decisions, decisions…

I’m great at making a plan or a schedule, working out all the bits and pieces and moving parts, but then just as easily I forget that the plan exists 15 minutes later and move on to other things.  Months later I find the plan and think, “Wow.  I forgot I did that.”

As that implies, I’ve never been good with meeting goals or deadlines.  The discipline of working on the same thing for more than a day or two, nose to the grindstone style… it just isn’t in my nature.

And after almost 60 years of navel gazing, there’s nothing I know quite as well as my own nature.

What is in my nature is making things up as I go along, forever inventing new ways for doing things that never actually get done, impulsively tossing aside whatever is in the way of a shiny new sweet idea.  Start shit and move on.

But… every so often, I feel I should be using my planner/journal to plot out endless steps towards something, tracking progress toward goals, and basically being a serious, disciplined, driven Boss.   After all, that’s what successful people do, isn’t it?  And I want to be successful, don’t I?

Well, no.  Not if it means being miserable, which is what happens when I try to be a serious disciplined anything.

So as this new last-quarter-of-2022 started, I thought some gentle planning might be in order.  Nothing restrictive or ‘disciplined’… just some targets to guide decisions, rather than floating along in my usual void, smearing paint on panels to explore textures and colors and watching the panels pile up.

The first thing on the list is to start blogging again weekly.  So here I am.

That was an easy decision.

This is the hard one:  What do I want my ‘art career’ and my ‘writing career’ to look like?   What do I need them to be?  What am I willing to do to get to wherever I think I want to go?  And where is that, exactly?  Or even approximately?

What creative career path best fits my nature and my desires for the future?  What steps are realistic and doable for me?

That’s what I’m going to be journalling about for the foreseeable future.

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