No Business

From my late childhood years and all through my teenage years, I had a dream of having my own business. I imagined running a neighborhood newspaper, or a magazine for weird stories, or something in book publishing. I had a bajillion ideas. It would make me rich and famous and admired.

Even after I got married and had children, ideas like these would continue to come to me over and over, like seeing the something bright and hopeful in the distance while riding a merry-go-around of diapers and laundry and cooking. The business bug bit me more often than mosquitoes.

A few of the ideas managed to get started in tiny ways, or I’d get a foot in the door working at a college literary magazine or even as a reader for literary agency. But between life circumstances, my own childhood baggage, and escalating undiagnosed depression and anxiety, and so forth and so forth…. well, nothing ever got very far, much less grew into a real business.

My kids grew up, we bought our own home, and I got therapy and Zoloft. I took painting classes and never looked back.

But, of course, the business-bug bit again in the guise of selling my art instead of selling my writing. And over the last 5 years or so, with my increasing competence in painting and an understanding of how an online art business is conducted, I’ve tried to get an online art business up and running.

What I’ve discovered about myself, through trial and error, is that I can’t stand any of the business part of ‘having an online business.’ I have no patience with maintaining online storefronts, uploading photos, updating online listings, planning or editing painting videos, writing descriptions and keywords, maintaining an active and engaged social media presence, or any of the other newfangled techno-babble of online businessing.

If it were just a matter of me making stuff, then carrying it into the next room and hanging it on the wall, then other people could come in and browse and meet me and buy my art — that would be awesome.

I don’t have any trepidation about showing my work. I’ve exhibited in several local art shows, submitted things for contests, and I often post pictures of my art on Instagram (sometimes before the paint is even dry).

I’m not afraid of showing my work. I just can’t be bothered with online-businessing. So I will no longer give any fucks about having a business. All my fucks will be put into the art itself.

(None of that means I won’t sell a piece of art or prints of my work if the opportunity arises. If you want any piece of art I happen to post, contact me for purchasing information.)

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